Saggers – as small diversion to Stone

Whilst working on ‘the next generation of Saggers I came across the marriage certificate of Alfred James Saggers to Emily Stone

Mge 1896 Alfred James saggers

what drew my attention to the certificate was the Christian name of Emilys father which is listed as Phosobus Stone a boot maker.

Well that I am afraid to say had me well and truly hooked. who was this person with such a strange name. Initial searches had me drawing a blank on FreeBMD and Ancestry, then I realised that if I could locate Emily Stones baptism I might be able to start from there.

Census returns as Emily wife of Alfred James Saggers had her approximate birthdate as 1873 in Bethnal Green. One of the most wonderful things about Ancestry is the index of London Baptisms and I found Emily listed for 12 January 1873 at St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green


As can be seen her father is listed as Phosobius Stone the first of many variations, but more to the point his wife is given as Sarah Jane.

Using FreeBMD I did a 10 year search for a marriage before 1873 and in September quarter 1866 Stepney 1c 955 and her spouse is listed as Phosphorus Stone. I also checked on Ancestry and found the following Banns and Marriage entry


The Banns list him as Phosoforus Stone while on the Marriage Certificate not only confirms the FreeBMD entry as Phosphorus but also gives his age which is 19 and his father as William Stone, a shoemaker. so he may have been born c.1847,  but where?


I looked for further children of Phosphorus and Sarah Jane Stone between the years 1866 and 1873, but found only one more again St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green 6 September 1871


Here he is listed as Phosobris.

I then turned to Census returns using the children as the link but only found a hit with the 1881 census Ref RG11/422 Folio 91 page 2


Here he is listed as Phosobris Stone a widower, with only his daughter Emily living with him at 96 Green Street Bethnal Green but most importantly it gave his place of Birth – Bedfordshire Leighton Buzzard also note the names of the family living at the same address Benjamin and Matilda Stafford and their children – more on these later!.

So back to FreeBMD narrowing the search to a P Stone 1845 – 1850 –  the location to Bedfordshire

June Qtr 1848   STONE  Fossoveres    Leighton Buzzard     6 81  – interesting!

The 1881 census had him as a widower at only 33 so I wondered if he had married again. I checked FreeBMD for a Death of a Sarah Jane Stone between 1873 and 1881 and found her death entry Sept Qtr 1880 Bethnal Green 1c 172 she was also age 33. So that gave me a starting date for any future marriage. this I soon located as taking place on 25 September 1881 at St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green it had been transcribed as Phosabina Stone but a close look at the certificate shows it is Phosobius


The hunt was now on for more children and Census entries, plus I was very keen to go backwards and find him on early census returns and hopefully find other siblings

Before I started the new search I added Phosopherus as Emily’s father,born Leighton Buzzard,  and entred his father as William.onto Ancestry.

I began checking the baptismal registers for St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green where he had married Eliza Walker, starting from 1881 because you just never know!.

Unfortunately I didnt find a baptism entry until 28 July 1886 for Alice Eliza but I used her date of birth to see if I could find her on the 1891 census, and Ancestry with its lovely hints which I sometimes ignor came up trumps, so starting with the 1891 Census RG12/270 Folio 125 page 20 here is what I found

LNDRG12_269_271-0305 - Copy

18 North Place Bethnal Green Phoesolis Stone 42 shoemaker born Bedford his wife Eliza age 38 a Laundress born Bethnal Green.  and the following children: Emily age 18  charwoman,  William age 8,   Rosina age 6,  Alice age 4  and Rebecca age 2 all born Bethnal Green.

From this point Ancestry hints took over.

I have Phosphorus on the 1851 census Ref HO107/1752 Folio 101 age 17


They were living in Harper Street Bedford and the family consisted of William Stone age 34 Shoemaker born St Answorth Essex,  his wife Ann age 45 born Sound Suffolk, and their 3 children.   Downam age 12,  born Downham Norfolk, Amelia  age 7 born Attlebury Norfolk,  and Phosers age 2 born leighton Buzzard.

The Birthplace of William’s wife looks like, and had been transcribed as Sound, but I think it is Lound which is situated between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

The 1861 census Ref RG9/251 Folio 99 page 24 has the family Living at 3 Caroline Street Bethnal Green


Shows William Stone now age 68 shoemaker birthplace Essex  St Tonsley ???   His wife Ann O  is age 58 Birthplace Suffolk Lound,  Amelia M is age 19 Birthplace Norfolk Attlebury  Ohoverous age 13 birthplace Beds Layton and there is a lodger – Benjamin Stafford age 19 a shoemaker born Bethnal Green

Downam is not listed so he may have married and moved away.

Curious with the repeat of the Stafford surname I tried FreeBMD for a Stone – Stafford marriage and found the following

Jun Qtr 1862 STONE Amelia Matilda  Bethnal Green 1c 672  the spouse was Benjamin Gaymer Stafford


Returning to Phosphorus and his second wife Eliza [nee Walker] I found through Ancestry that they had a total of five children.

1. William Benjamin Stone born 22 August baptised 10 September 1882 St James the Less Bethnal Green where his father is listed as Phosobris

William Benjamin Stone

William Benjamin married Sep qtr 1909 Bethnal Green 1c 270 Esther Martha LeBeau but sadly had no children. What is curious is the name given for his father which is the only time I have seen it used.


Charles Phosphorus Stone  considering his bith registration in 1848 it is interesting to note where the Charles came from however one curious fact is that the males in the family see to have two chrisitan names.

2. Rosina Matilda Stone born 10 April baptised 28 July 1884 St James the Great Bethnal Green. the fathers name is the best one yet! – Vesuvius

Rosina Matilda Stone

Rosina died unmarried in 1973.

3. Alice Eliza Stone baptised 28 July 1886 St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green  where the father is back to being listed as Phosobis

Alice Eliza Stone

Alice Eliza married William Henry Burfield – I am busy with details

4. Rebecca Mary Ann Stone baptised 3 April 1889 St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green

Rebecca mary A Stone

where her father is listed as Phosobins

5. Amelia Matilda Stone baptised 26 July 1892 St Barnabas Bethnal Green.


where her father is again listed as Vesuvius.   What I find strange is that Amelia is baptised for a second time in 1900 at St Cuthberts Mission Church West Ferry Road Millwall [ comes under Christchurch Poplar] in this entry he is listed as Phosobris Stone [deceased].


Phosphorus died 13 October 1897 age 48

Death STONE Phosobris  48 Bethnal Green 1c 166

more to come


Secondary Saggers

Second generation Saggers Children of James Saggers and Susannah Goldsmith Applegate

6.  Alfred James Saggers was born 1 March 1875 in Bethnal Green but I have not as yet traced a baptism for him he appears on 1881 census age 6 living at 14 Skidmore Street Parents James Saggers age 30 born Stepney occupation Shoemaker and Susannah Saggers age 29 born Battersea.  His siblings in 1881 are John age 4 born Poplar  James age 2  born Mile End Old Town and Mary Ann age 1 also born Mile End Old Town the reference is RG11/482 folio 48 page 28

1891 Census he is still living at 14 Skidmore Street, age 16 and occupation Errand Boy. His parents are James age 40 Shoemaker and Susannah age 39 his siblings are John age 14 Errand Boy, James 12, Mary Ann 10, and George age 7 Susan age 5 and Minnie age 2 all born in Stepney

The only photo of Skidmore Street that I could find is an aerial view taken in 1937 but I have been unable to copy it here.

On 25 Dec 1896 Alfred James Saggers married Emily Stone at St Thomas Stepney his occupation is given as Carman and the address is still 14 Skidmore Street. the witnesses to the wedding are Mary Ann Saggers [sister] and D Broad – presumably Daniel Broad born 1875 – his cousin

Mge 1896 Alfred James saggers

The 1901 Census has Alfred James now age 26 and head of the house his occupation is Carman his wife Emily is age 28 and was born in Bethnal Green the address is 200 West Ferry Road Millwall and two children are listed

6.1. Alfred Charles age 2  and

6.2. William George age 1 both born West Ferry Road Millwall

In the 1911 Census they are living at Roses Wharf West Ferry Road Alfred James is 36 and is now Caretaker at the Oil and Colour Works Their children are listed as Alfred Charles age 12, William George age 11,  and

6.3 Frederick age 9

The census states they had been married for 14 years had had four children one of whom was dead by 1911 after a little research I found the missing child

6.4 John James Saggers born 7 Jan and baptised 27 Jan 1904 and died Mar qtr 1906 1c 375.

Alfred James died Jun qtr 1939

Emily Stone was born Jan qtr 1873 Bethnal Green and baptised 12 Jan 1873 St Simon Zealots Bethnal Green she died Dec qtr 1937 her father has a very unusual christian name which is spelt in many different ways and is not helping  to locate him in records. He appears to be Phosphorus Stone born about 1847 and is a bootmaker. but his forname has been transcribed as Phos forus, Phosobius and Phosiferous. yet I cannot trace a birth for him.

However he married firstly on 8 July 1866 at St Dunstans Stepney to Sarah Jane Davis his father is given as William Stone shoemaker and the address is 24 White House Street. Sarah Jane’s father is Thomas Davis a weaver.

Sarah Jane died age 33 in Sep qtr 1880 Bethnal Green 1c 172 and Phospherous married secondly 25 Sep 1881 St Simon Zealots [Sep qtr 1881 1c 843] Eliza Walker of 7 Bligh Street Bethnal Green and whose father was William Walker.

When I get a moment I will look further into this family

Rose Wharf took its name from its occupiers of many years, Sir W. A. Rose & Company, manufacturers of paint, white lead, colour, varnish and grease, tar merchants, and refiners of oil and tallow. Their main premises were in Upper Thames Street. Several buildings were erected in 1893–4, the principal one being a six-storey oil refinery, which was destroyed by fire in 1896. A substantial replacement, comprising basement and three floors, was built in the following year. Brick-built, with concrete floors carried on iron joists and concrete-cased iron columns, it had a corrugated-iron roof on steel trusses, and was served by an outside iron staircase.After Rose’s departure in the late 1920s the wharf was disused until 1932, when it was taken by International Shipping & Transport Ltd, to replace its premises at Vauxhall. Like several local wharves, Rose Wharf had begun as a purpose-built factory, and was turned over to storage with a minimum of conversion work. The wharfingers simply carried out some repairs, and stowed the derelict paintmaking machinery in the refinery basement. Goods stored included celluloid toys and Christmas crackers; by 1937 the wharf was used exclusively for waste paper. The premises were later occupied by the Thames Oil Wharf Company of St Andrew’s Wharf.

Below is a map showing the location of Rose wharf

Roses Wharf map~saggers

west-ferry-rd-walls-4see ships beam and men ~SaggersThis photo shows how close the buildings were to the Docks see the ships mast overthe road and the three menon the rigging!

Westferry Road near Millwall Dock c1926~Saggers West Ferry Road Millwall

Children of Alfred James Saggers and Emily Stone

6.1 Alfred Charles Saggers was born 1898 at 347 West Ferry Road, and baptised 4 May 1898 at St Cuthberts Mission Church Millwall


He appears on 1901 Census 200 West Ferry Road age 2 and 1911 Census Rose Wharf West Ferry Road age 12

Alfred Charles married Mary J. J. Noble Sep qtr 1926 Poplar 1c 874

They had 4 children (1 son and 3 daughters) [ names and dates known but not stated here]

Alfred Charles died age 61, Jun qtr 1959 Poplar 5d 231

6.2 William George Saggers was born 1899 and baptised 19 Nov 1899 at St Cuthberts Mission Church Millwall


He is listed on 1901 Census 200 West Ferry Road age 1 and 1911 Census Roses Wharf age 11

William George married Dec qtr 1927 Hackney Lillian M[aude] Davies  born 1905 Woolwich

they had only one child [name and dates known but not listed here]

William George and family  can be traced through Electoral Rolls [via Ancestry] until 1955

6.3  Frederick Saggers born 26 January and baptised 19 Feb 1902 at St Cuthberts Millwall


Frederick is listed on 1911 Census at Roses Wharf age 9

he married Dec qtr 1927 Poplar Jane E Marshall

They had five children (3 sons 2 daughters) [names and dates known but not listed here]

I have not located a death for Frederick yet

6.4 James John Saggers born 7 January 41 Newcastle Street,  and baptised 27 January 1904 ChristChurch Poplar31280_197267-00341

James John died Mar qtr 1906 1c 375

St Cutberts WestFerry Rd Millwall ~saggersSt Cuthberts Mission Church West Ferry Road Millwall

christchurch poplar isle of dogsChristChurch Poplar

More to follow in the Saggers saga


More on the Saggers family – The Story so far

I have been busy collecting back up information for my section of the Saggers family where possible

so here is the family so far – starting with my mother in law and her siblings – which means we are working from the known backwards. [ I am omitting secondary information for siblings at the moment – ie if they married and resultant children as it will get too complicated and I am just concentrating on direct relatives] So the numbers of family members are the direct line of my mother in law are 5. Kathleen Susan Saggers; 8. James Saggers; 17.James Charles Saggers and 23. James Saggers which covers the years 1917 back to 1825 all London all Stepney Tower Hamlets area

So Here goes

1. James Charles Saggers born Jun qtr 1907 London. Married Elsie M Burrows Sep qtr 1937 Hackney. Died Jun qtr 1952 Barnstaple Devon

2. Ivy Maud Saggers born 13 Jan 1910 West Ham. Married Robert W T Kendrick Sep Qtr 1931 Hackney. Died Nov 1999 Wakefield Yorkshire

3. John Francis Saggers born March qtr 1912 Hackney – no further information yet

4. Albert George Saggers born 5 Jan 1914 Hackney. Married Margaret M Onley March qtr 1945 Wandsworth. Died July 1994 Harlow Essex

5. Kathleen Susan Saggers born 27 March 1917 Hackney Married Jun 1940 Hackney Died Dec 1977 Killingworth Newcastle  on Tyne

These five were the children of James saggers and Katherine Ellen Taylor


James Saggers was the 3 child of his parents and is labelled no 8 in the grouping his wife being 8a


so the next generation is as follows

6. Alfred James Saggers

born March qtr 1875 Bethnal Green 1c 268 married Emily Stone 25 Dec 1896 Stepney died Jun qtr 1939     Tower  Hamlets and appears on 1881, 1891 1901 and 1911 Census

7. John Saggers

John Saggers 1876~1940 husb of Mary Ann nee briggs born 14 April 1876 [Jun qtr 1876 1c 718] Poplar Married Mary Ann Biggs 25 Dec 1898 St Faith Stepney

8. James Saggers

born Jun qtr 1878 Mile End 1c 1557 Married Katherine Ellen Taylor23 April 1905 St Faith  Stepney          Mge 1905 James Saggers+ Katherine Ellen Taylor           DSCF6232Katherine Ellen Taylor [8  a]

James appears on 1881, 1891, 1901 and 1911 Census he died Jun qtr 1947 Hackney

[These are the parents of Saggers 1 – 5]

9. Mary Ann Saggers

born Mary Ann Saggers 26 March 1880 [Jun qtr 1880 Mile End 1c 565] Married Albert E Blackmore 20 March 1904 St Faith Stepney and died 17 March 1961 Lancing Sussex she appears on 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911 CensusMge 1904 Mary Ann Saggers + Albert Edward Blackmore

10. Susannah Saggers born Jun qtr 1882 Mile End 1c 521 and Died March qtr 1887 Mile End 1c 381

11. George Thomas Saggers born Jun qtr 1884 Mile End 1c 517 appears on 1891, 1901 and 1911 Census Married Caroline Cooper  Mge 1901 George Thomas Saggers + Caroline Cooper24 Oct 1901 St Faith Stepney, and Died Jun qtr 1965 Hackney

12. Daisy Olive Susan Saggers born March qtr 1886 Marylebone 1a 563 appears on 1891 Census as ‘Susan’ died before 1911 [ though death not yet located – 1911 census states two children died]

13. Minnie Saggers born 17 Dec 1888 Stepney [Mar qtr 1889 Mile End 1c 527 Baptised 15 Jan 1889 St Dunstan Stepney Bp 1889 Minnie saggers appears on 1891, 1901 and 1911 Census Married Frederick W Mansfield 24 Sep 1911 Greenwich and Died Sep qtr 1982 Watford

Mge 1911 Minnie Saggers

14. Frederick Saggers (Twin) born 17 Sep 1891 Stepney [Dec qtr 1891 Mile End 1c 497] baptised 13 October 1891 St Dunstan Stepney appears on 1901 and 1911 Census [ Died Mar qtr 1961 Bermondsey]

Bp 13 Oct 1891 St Dunstans Stepney Frederick Saggers [twin]

15. William Saggers (Twin) born 17 Sep 1891 Stepney [Dec qtr 1891 Mile End 1c 497] baptised 13 October 1891 St Dunstan Stepney

Bp 1891 St Dunstan Stepney William Saggers [twin]

These Saggers family members  Nos 6 to 15 are the children of James Charles Saggers and Susannah Goldsmith Applegate


So far so good everything checks out though I am still unsure about Daisy Saggers and may need to purchase the birth certificate, the fact that she is the right age and appears as a daughter on the census is apparently clear though why does her birth come under Marylebone?, and as yet I cannot find a baptism.

Also Until I purchase the death Certificate for  (14)Frederick Saggers I can not definately say he died in 1961 of him and his twin (15)William I have no trace as yet. – early days as they say


The Next Generation of Saggers Family members is as follows

16. Elizabeth Abigail Saggers born 23 Sept 1848 [Dec qtr 1848 Stepney 2 474] she was baptised 29 Oct 1848 Moorgate City of LondonBp Eliz Abigail Saggers 1848 Non ConformistThis was a Non-Conformist Church [i.e Not Church of England] her entry is about fourth from the bottom of the page – I wasnt going to include it as it is not a good copy – but it is still proof]  However I can find no further information on her.

17. James Charles Saggers born 13 May 1850 Stepney [Jun qtr 1850 2 529] and baptised 21 Feb 1851 St Dunstan StepneyBp 1850 St Dunstan Stepney James Charles SaggersJames appears on the 1851, 1861, 1871,1881,1891,1901 and 1911 Census and died 20 July 1916 Mile End he married Susanna Goldsmith Applegate [17a],  St Thomas Stepney 21 January 1874 [Mar qtr 1874 Mile End 1c 807]

{The reason why I have given Susanna Goldsmith Applegate a number (17a) is because I have traced her family.}

18. John Langston Saggers Born 26 Jun 1852 Gracechurch Street  [Sep qtr 1852 City of London 1c 69] and Baptised 11 February 1863  age 10 at St Dunstan StepneyBp 1863 [bn 1852] John Langston son of James + Mary Ann SaggersJohn appears on 1861 1881 1891 1901 and 1911 Census I have not traced an entry for 1871 census but this may be he was ‘at sea’  John married  Susanne Marie Dummer (20) at Portsea Sep qtr 1878 2b 798

Although not a direct ancestor John led a very exciting life and his exploits are to be published at a later date on this blog also hopefully appearing in a forthcoming Hampshire Genealogical Society Magazine.

These three entries 16, 17 and 18 are the only known children of James Saggers and Mary Ann Langston


the next generation is as follows

19. Ann Sarah Saggers born College Street, 1815. Baptised 19 March 1815 St Mary Lambeth

Bp 1815 Ann Sarah Saggers at LambethShe appears on the 1851, 1861 and 1881 Census and marries 10 July 1836 at St Anne LimehouseMge 1836 Ann sarah Saggers + John Borham Crewto John Boreham Craw. She died 1 Jan 1888 Barking Essex.

20. Elizabeth Mary Saggers born 1817 baptised 2 feb 1817 St Mary Lambeth

Bp 1817 Elizabeth Mary saggersShe appears on 1851 and 1861 census and died 1868 She married THREE times firstly  27 July 1834 to Edward William Henry Pontopiddian (died 1838) secondly to John Broad [died 1844] and thirdly to  William Baxter31280_199282-00053Mge 1848 Elizabeth Mary Broad nee Saggers + William BaxterLondonEnglandMarriage Broad~Pontopiddian 1838

21. Joseph Robert Saggers born 17 Jan 1821 and baptised 11 Feb 1821 St Dunstan StepneyBp 1820 Joseph Robert SaggersJoseph appears on 1841 and 1851 census with different occupations in 1856 he is listed as a Stationer. he married Mary Skinner on 26 Dec 1842 at St Ann Limehouse and died Mar qtr 1857Mge 1842 Joseph Robert Saggers + Mary Skinner

22. Lucy Saggers  born 1823 Stepney and baptised 18 Jan 1824 St Dunstan Stepney

Bp 1824 Lucy Saggers

She appears on 1841 and 1851 census and marries Edward Mundy on 3 Nov 1844 at St Anne Limehouse she died [1903?]mge Lucy saggers nd Edward Mundy 1844

23. James Saggers  born 1825 Ratcliffe [Baptism not located as yet] appears on 1841 1851 1861 Censushe died 11 July 1875

Married  Mge 1847 James saggersMary Ann Langston Married 5 Sep 1847 at St Ann Limehouse

24.  Emma Saggers born 1832 and Baptised 10 Jun 1832 St Dunstan StepneyBp 1832 Emma Saggers she died July qtr 1839 and Buried at St Paul ShadwellBurl 1839 Emma saggers age 7Age 7 years

25. Francis Saggers  born 1832 St Giles Middlesex and died 16 April 1853 All Hallows

I have added Francis here as he appears on 1841 and 1851 Census as living with his Uncle Robert Saggers I have a note saying he was in Royal Navy 1845 – 1853 but cannot at present locate the source.brl 1853 Francis Saggers

The above Saggers family members 19 to 25 are the children of Joseph Saggers and Mary Ann Watson


The next blog will deal with the children from the sibling marriages – ie brothers and sisters of the main line of decent I plan to get everything down back to 1825 and the next set of parents going backwards.

Any queries please please dont hesitate to contact me


Saggers Family – supposed queries on Ancestry tree

I have,in the last couple of months, been bombarded with messages from a particular individual who has doubts about certain family relationships on the Saggers tree, As I have been busy with other things I had ignored them. However on one evening alone this person sent me 8 messages – so I decided to take a look.

Unfortunately it relates to a section of the tree I had not researched.

My husbands cousin did the main lump of research for the tree and asked me to add my husbands family details to the tree, which I did, and then asked for permission to upload it onto Ancestry.

Now I hold up my hands and say I did not 100% check every person or detail on the tree but assumed that since  the information I had on my husbands family matched information where they fitted into the tree – that the tree was for the most part correct.


If you have not done the research yourself how can you then say it is 100% accurate.

The problem lies with a Henry Saggers and his marriage

This person with the query has her Henry with a wife Jane – different maiden name [census returns etc] and the list of children

My husbands cousin has the same Henry with a wife Jane – and a different maiden name but same census returns and therefore same children.

I took a look and saw where the problem has arisen.

the Jane in question comes from Devon and it is quite clearly her on the census however there are two possible marriages the first Henry Saggers marries Mary Jane Ray – gotcha you would think but hold on the second marriage is Henry Saggers marrying Mary Ann Stoddon, but thats Mary Ann you say – well no not quite – the vicar wrote Mary Ann but the bride – who could write – wrote Mary Jane

So its down to the fathers of the two Henrys and to the birthplace of the two Henrys, – I am still checking so watch this space henry Saggers and Mary Ann Stoddon (original copy)thought I would post this to show the name difference


Transcribing 1911 Census

I have a Family and Local History page on Facebook SHerburn Pittington and Littletown family and Local History, and no I havn’t made a mistake the SH stands for Sherburn Hill as well as Sherburn (village), it was my way of making the header not too long.

As part of this page which has over 350 members I have been adding files of transcripts of census material for the area that I had done over the years – mainly 1851, then someone asked ‘What about Easington Lane, its just up the road’ so I started adding census for that but 1911 in this case, then further requests especially for individual surnames such as KELLETT, HORN, PURVIS and LORMOR widened the net to include Hetton le Hole, Wow I did not realise what I had taken on!

The first few sections comprised of around 460 pages which halved, because of 2 pages to each entry that was around 230 homes, so far so good then came sections 3 and 4, each being around 1076 pages so over 500 households, and to date I am about a quarter of the way through Section 4.

One of the intresting things I have come across is the number of famous footballers who were born in and around Hetton le Hole, Bob Paisley, Alan Ball, Ralph Coates and Harry Potts,

Also people in the Music Industry Such as Trevor Horn, a Record Producer Songwriter and Muscician, who although born in Sunderland in 1949, both his parents were born in Hetton le Hole, John R Horn and Elizabeth Lambton, John Horn born in 1913 was the son of Arthur Milburn Horn and Rebecca (nee Hodgson) and this family can be found on 1911 census living at 35 Richard Street, Arthur was a Clock and Watch repairer

Arthur Milburn Horn was born in 1881 and the census for 1881 shows him living at 76 Newbottle Street, Houghton le Spring, with his widowed mother Isabel age 28, and an older brother Robert D[ixon] Horne age 4,


below them at no 77 is Robert Milburn Horn age 56, an Engineman, his wife Jane Ann age 56 and a son Joseph age 22, a labourer all were born in Houghton le Spring.

Checking for a marriage of Isabel M to a Horn in Co Durham between the years 1874 and 1878 produced only one marriage and that was for a Robert Milburn Horn who married Isabel Maria Dixon Jun Qtr 1876 in Houghton le Spring.

I am assuming that these therefore are the parents of Robert D, and Arthur M Horn

On the 1891 Census Arthur is living with his grandparents in Sunderland Street, Houghton le Spring as is his elder brother Robert, also living with the family is a William S Bolton described as brother to head of house [ Robert M Horn] although I think the meaning here should be brother in law. I then looked for a Horn / Bolton marriage and found that a Robert Horn married a Jane Ann Bolton in Jun Qtr 1844 Easington as everything appears to tie in I am therefore assuming I have the correct marriage


the 1861 Census shows Robert Horn and his wife Jane Ann living at 19 Hoppers Row Houghton le Spring. Other members of the family are John George Horn born 1846; Robert Horn born 1848; William Horn born 1851;  Thomas Smith Horn born 1855 and Joseph Horn born 1859 There is also a Margaret Bolton age 21 [born 1840] and described as sister in law. I am more confident now that I have the right family on the 1871 census I can add Elizabeth Bilton born 1828 another sister in law, and on 1891 census William S Bolton born 1833 a blacksmith and described as single. However I have come accross a marriage of a William Bolton in 1861, to either Thomasina Davidson or Elizabeth Fairley.

The 1861 census has William living as a boarder in the house of The Davison family, and the 1871 Census has him living with his parents John and Mary Bolton, he is described as age 38 a blacksmith and Married!. Now to double check this marriage entry found in FREEBMD, I checked with the Registrars Certificates Online at Durham County Council, and found that the marriage of William Bolton was to a Thomasina Davidson. and occured Sep Qtr 1861 Easington. However in the 1881 census William Bolton turns up at 65 Burn Terrace, High Street, Willington living with his married sister Elizabeth, who had married Jun Qtr 1851 Peter Dunsford, Williams occupation is given as Blacksmith but his status is given as single. Unfortunately as yet I cannot track down a death for a Thomasina Bolton yet, though she may not have died. obviously this is early days in the research, but the next blog will have more information on Trevor Horn and his family.


Additions to the family

I have always known that my fathers uncle George had married and had two sons, I had also known that both of these sons had also married, but only one had had a child, I new his name and date of birth, but that was it – why? because it is more difficult to obtain information about a living relative because of data protection, even BT 192 is closed unless you are prepared to pay for the information.

I have been a member of fb for a while and recently joined a group that posts picures and stories about a town near to where my dad grew up, and where his cousins were last known to live, so I posted a message and – hey presto – contact made. I know now that my dad is NOT the last of his particular line. His cousins son also has a son, and has  been added to the tree! But what was more important was that I was also in contact with one of my dads cousins and his wife both in their 80s, and still living in the town, address and telephone confirmed, I rang them the weekend before Christmas.

What a delightful couple!, many details added and confirmed, and a new line to follow.

I am now researching the following families in Devon and Somerset


The Chick line I have at present got back to William Chick born c.1796 Winsham Somerset and married  Rachel Crew;

The Cox line l have at present got back to Thomas Cox born c. 1718 Brewham Somerset who married Martha Parkes;

The Cornelius line l have at present got back to Joseph Cornelius born c. 1774 Chard Somerset who married Betty Halfyard;

The Halfyard line l have at present got back to William Halfyard born c. 1714 Whimple Devon who married Elizabeth Mare, it is possible that William is the son of John Halfyard born c. 1673 and his wife Agnes [Symons] which would take this line even further back but this needs to be checked.

I am hoping to get this into a finished state in the next couple of months, and add illustrations of churches records etc where possible, and pass it on.

I have also promised to send my dads cousins a copy of our tree- HENWOOD – which I have traced back to the early 1500s in Hampshire.

so busy busy busy 2015!

as sub post just found a David J Halfyard 1931 – 1996 who played cricketdavid j halfyardfor Surrey and Kent before ending his career as an Umpire – and yes he is one of the family!



Tangledwoodresearch is a page I created on facebook quite some time ago now but did very little to publicise at the time, I am now hoping through various means of getting it established and also posibly creating a website on wordpress for it as I would like to make a go of the research work  – so everyone interested in Family/Local History watch this space